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According to Jane - Marilyn Brant

I generally don't put down books without finishing them. But it took me over a month to read a little less than 20% of this, so in the end I decided my time will be better spent with another book.


The premise of the book is quite interesting: a teenage girl (and later on a woman) who can hear Jane Austen's voice, and thusly gets to benefit from her wisdom. But the whole thing falls flat because ultimately Ellie's life is not changed at all by the extra voice in her head. Leaving aside the fact where I didn't quite get why would Jane get in the head of a random teenager (Ellie doesn't stand out in any way, she never even read Pride and Prejudice before it was a school assignment), I found hard to believe this arrangement would last twenty years (or seven, in the pages I read, but even that is too much). Had Jane really nothing better to do than share head space with this random chick for decades?


And the thing that bothered me the most is that Jane's presence doesn't bring anything at all to the table, other than a few quaint phrases. The whole character felt simply tacked on because the author wanted to share a bit of the popularity of the Jane-Austen-revival genre that was en vogue at the time. Maybe the story would have been interesting otherwise -- I have no way of knowing, since I gave it up so soon -- but I personally felt cheated because I expected to see a book where Jane makes a contribution, and all I got was a book about a whiny teenager instead.